Studies Coming for Speed Limits in Two Bicknell Areas

Knox County Highway superintendent Benji Boyd is planning studies for speed limits in two areas just outside of Bicknell The areas of study is Brocksmith Road and Alexander Road– both just outside near Bicknell. The suggested speed limit would be at 35 miles an hour; the speed limit is to protect children in the neighborhoods,.

In other business, the Board approved a request with INDOT to declare an un-official detour for an upcoming repair of a small strucure on State Roat 61 near Johnson Farms Road. The unofficial detour would use Johnson Farms Road, HIckory Corner Road, and Nugent Road. Boyd did not say when INDOT would close the road for the work; however,, he expects it to last around 60 days.
The Commissioners passed the request for INDOT reimbursement unanimously.

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