All Area Counties in Red Covid Status– Knox County Just Barely

All area counties are now in the highest—or red—code status.  That word was released today from the Indiana State Department of Health.

Knox County was expected to stay in the second-highest—or orange—category.   However, the County’s positive Covid percentage was slightly over the 15 percent two-week threshold—at 15-point-09 percent.  Knox County’s percentage was lowest in the immediate area; other counties’ positive rates were at least half a percent higher.

In the latest report, Knox County added 18 more Covid cases, with a seven-day percentage of 15.8 percent.  Gibson County added the most new cases, with 40, along with the only area Covid-related death.  Pike County had the highest area Covid percentage, at 22.7 percent.

The red status means the state’s code red restrictions are back in effect.

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