Results of Knox County Internet Survey Released

Findings from a survey covering over a thousand Knox County properties has been released.  The survey took place over the last few months; it was headed by the Knox County Indiana Economic Development Corporation.
           The findings show 90 percent of the County is covered by some type of Internet connection.  However, half reported dissatisfaction, due to the connection being either slow or un-reliable.  Also, half of senior citizens and 44 percent of surveyed students had either no Internet, or were connected by non-broadband services.  Those services include satellite, DSL, and cellular Internet service.  Overall, a third of County homes were relying on those non-broadband Internet services.
           The survey found over half of the Internet tests county-wide failed to meet the F-C-C upload and download threshold.  Finally, the rate of Internet dissatisfaction in many cases were connected to slower methods of Internet connection.
            County officials will use the findings to start solving the problem of slow or no Internet service in under-served areas.
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