South Knox School Board Approves 2022 Corporation Budget

       The South Knox School Board has approved the Corporation’s 2022 budget.  The new South Knox budget will total around 15 million dollars for next year.  The largest of those funds will be the 10.37 million dollars in the Education Fund; with the Operations fund around four million dollars, and 1.4 million in debt service.
       The advertised property tax shows a 32 cent increase per 100 dollars in property value.  However, South Knox superintendent Tim Grove believes that will be reduced to close to the current property tax levy.
        The South Knox School Board has approved an agreed-on two year teachers’ contract for 2022 and 2023.  The agreement raises teacher salaries by three-thousand dollars each year.  Both the teachers and South Knox School Board had to ratify the contract for it to take effect.

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