Indiana Joins Anti-Robocall Task Force

               After years of fighting intrusive robocalls, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has announced Indiana as a leader of the nationwide Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force, which will include 50 attorneys general. The task force will investigate and take legal action against the telecommunications companies responsible for bringing a majority of foreign robocalls into the country.

               The new task force, led by Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina attorneys general, has issued 20 civil investigative demands to 20 gateway providers and other entities that are allegedly responsible for a majority of foreign robocall traffic. Rokita says gateway providers that bring foreign traffic into the U.S. telephone network have a responsibility to ensure the traffic is legal, but these providers are not taking sufficient action to stop robocall traffic.

               However, in many cases, Rokita says they appear to be intentionally turning a blind eye in exchange for steady revenue.

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